A Special Grandfather Clock.


At K.B.  Clocks we see many clocks, some modern and some new. We never know what will come through the door. It could be a quartz clock, a mantel clock, or something more unusual.

Recently we went to move a grandfather clock to a new home.  Setting up a grandfather 20141020_112729clock in a new environment should be done by a professional horologist. Older clocks can be more difficult and quirky; they have the right to be cantankerous from time to time, due to their age and venerability.

This clock was very unusual, it had a mahogany case and two beautifully carved rosettes on the hood. The case was in very good condition and was made of flame mahogany, a rare and unusual wood. Light shining on the wood revealed patterns of flames, hence flame mahogany.

This clock was working and in good mechanical condition, we set it up in its new home and secured it to the wall, as all grandfather clocks should be; it was set up and worked well.

The owner told us that the clock had been in the family for a long time but had n20141020_112935o information about the clock or its history.

I tried to find details about the clock and the maker on the web but could not find any information.

We did some research about the clock maker and found an article about him in a specialist clock magazine. We sent the article to the owner and they found it very helpful.

The flames can be seen clearly on the base.

Mahogany is now a rare wood, protected by law.

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