About Us.


Bracket Clock.

We are Ken & Carol Baker and we run K.B.Clocks.

Important announcement.                                Due to personal and family reasons I cannot do any further mechanical clock repairs, I will still do quartz clocks.                                                            What I intend to do when the current back log is out of the way is make bespoke clock cases and mechanisms, this I will do more as a hobby than a business.                                                                   Watch this space for some interesting clock designs later this year.                                               If there is any body out there in the Sheffield area who would be interested in clocks / clock repairs I would be more than willing to pass on my skill.

We want to thank our customers for all their support over the years.

K.B. Clocks is committed to offer a professional and reliable service.

The skills needed to repair clocks come from engineering, there are few people left who can do this. My professional skills as an engineer mean that I can do this work.

Wooden Clock





Since starting K.B. Clocks I have joined the British Horological Institute, an organization which promotes interests in all aspects of clock making and its history. I have enrolled on the B.H.I.’s three year distance learning course. The course teaches all aspects of clock making, repair and the history of clocks. I regularly attend courses on clock repair and clock making at Upton Hall, the headquarters of the B.H.I.

We have also attended courses on wood finishing and have developed expertise in this area. Next year we plan to attend an intensive course on wood finishing with a cabinet maker.

We are based in Sheffield, which is still a centre of engineering excellence.

Westminster Chime Mechanism.

I did a traditional 5 year apprenticeship in engineering and worked for a Sheffield company for 37 years as a tool maker and tooling engineer. Some of the items the company made are in Sheffield museums as examples of the excellence of Sheffield engineering.  I have also worked part time at a clock shop for a year repairing clocks, I am now working from home full time.I have always enjoyed making things, in wood and metal, my career has involved working with these materials and I have acquired all sorts of tools to help me with this. My work experience, training and interests have led me to acquire a wide knowledge of theory and practice in engineering.

Principles of the Business.

  • To offer a professional standard of service to customers.
  • Provide free written quotations.
  • To consult promptly with the customer about any problems that arise when the work is being carried out.
  • Provide regular feedback on the progress of the work.
  • Explain why a particular method or technique is used.