Another Large Grandfather Clock.

We are currently renovating a very large grandfather clock, which is taking up a lot of room in the workshop.

It was found in an office by the current custodian’s father. The person using the office had no idea where it came from or any information about its history. The case is, generally in good condition. There are parts of the moulding missing, but the main problem is that the feet and the base need to see a chiropodist and have a pedicure. This is being done at the moment and will make the clock feel more comfortable.

Generally the case is in good condition, it is veneered in a nice hardwood.


Clock base before restoration


Clock with new base, waiting for new legs to be fitted.

We are also servicing the mechanism, which is in reasonable repair. We are keeping the owner up to date with the work, he is pleased with the progress, we showed him the pictures of the  work being done. We always keep a record of major restoration  work in progress for ourselves and the customer.

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