Bakelite Clock.

Bill and I met a different kind of clock. The case was made out of Bakelite, invented by Dr.Baekeland in 1909, it was the first plastic, used in electrical components as it did not conduct electricity. It went on to become the precursor of plastic and was widely used.

The clock was a mantel clock and the case appeared to be black. I had no idea how to clean it and after conferring with Bill he advised me to look on the net. I followed his advice, as  he is a wise old clock, we  discovered that Bakelite should be cleaned with Brasso or other metal cleaners. I used the information from this site.

. I followed the intsructions on the tin and covered the case with cleaner. I then polished the case and found out that it was not black but an attractive brown with swirling patterns in the Bakelite.

The owner of the clock was very pleased to see the change to the case and to know how to clean it. The clock must have not been cleaned for many years.

The information about Bakelite on Wikipedia was very interesting and I suggest you read if you are interested. Bill.& Carol.

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