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I am an elderly long case clock, my name is Bill and  have decided to communicate with the world. I am 233 years old and I am wearing well. My current custodians have recently renovated me and I am feeling much better. At my lowest point I came to my current home  K. B. Clocks, in several carrier bags. IMAG0386   I see myself as the custodian of the house, I greet people and make them welcome. I may be an antique but I can still write a diary. All you fellow Grandfather clocks let me know how I,m doing. Greetings to my friends and followers. I have been pondering about how people have treated us clocks. I was told that one clock was used as a pasting table for wall paper. Fortunately he is now back to his former state, with the help of Mr. Ken. Some of my friends have had awful things done to their mechanisms over the years. We are temperamental creatures and need gentle and expert care. Please take us to someone who can provide this care, like my friend Mr. Ken. One of my roles is greeting people when they bring Clocks in. I enjoy meeting new clocks and we can have a chime together. I would like some help from my readers. I have a secret, inside my door previous custodians have written messages. Some of them are old, over a hundred years. They are mostly written in pencil and can be difficult to read. Does anyone know how to enable them to be read. I am now cosy and warm with this new solar power. It is not draughty in my corner as we have a new front door. My base is nice and dry. Did you know that grandfather clocks often used to decay at the base because people stood them on damp floors or dug a hole if the clock was too tall for the room.

Here is the poem about me. It was found by Mister Ken inside a fellow grandfather clock.

The Grandfather Clock.

It stands in the hallway,
So old and so rare.
Tended with reverence,
And handled with care,

Passed on through the family,
It’s value unknown,
But to me it is priceless,
Because it’s my own.

What could it tell me-
This treasure of mine?
With it’s ponderous ticking,
Melodious chime?

Of sadness and laughter,
Of gladness and tears,
And happy ever-after,
Down through the years.

Written by Dorothy M Loughran.

If anyone knows of any other poems about grandfather clocks please let us know.     .

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