Exciting News at the British Horological Institute.

There are new developments in the world of clocks. This is the result of an influx of funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund.  Derelict buildings are to be converted to work shops and training facilities at Upton Hall, near Newark, the headquarters of the B.H.I.

This funding will enable staff and students to be trained to a high standard, and ensure that there will be sufficient people who have the necessary ability to do this work.

This funding will promote the skills to repair clocks and watches.

There is currently a dearth of skilled people to do this work.

The government is now concerned about the loss of these skills.

It is difficult to find someone who can do this work in clock and watch repairs.

There is general concern about the loss of those skilled in this area.

If you have a watch or clock you may be unable to find someone to repair or service your clock or time piece.

K.B. Clocks’ experience is that we are inundated with clocks waiting for repairs.

Horology is the study of all kinds of engineering, engineers are rare birds!

We need them in our complex world!

The measurement of time is crucial to us all.  We need to foster and cherish it.

Carol.and Ken Baker.

K.B. Clocks. 31/01/16.

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