How are Clocks Repaired?

When a clock goes to be repaired it is away from its owner for some time. There is a reason for this, clocks are complicated mechanisms and can be quirky and sometimes downright awkward.

Servicing a clock properly is time consuming (!) and demands skill and concentration. When a clock has a full service it is completely taken apart and may be cleaned in a specialist cleaning tank. The worst thing anyone can do to a clock mechanism is spray it with WD40. The liquid dries and leaves a waxy deposit on all the parts, this makes the situation worse and has to be removed.

More information will  follow!

A clock should be checked every 5 years, this is done by carrying out a basic service.

Sometimes my fellow clocks just need a little t.l.c. In order to do this thoroughly the mechanism is taken out of the case.The mechanism is oiled with a special clock oil. which is very fine. All the parts of the clock are examined to make sure there is no damage or wear to them. If damage or wear is found the clock will need a full service.

Happy New Year to all our customers and their clocks.

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