Inside a Clock.

Clocks are delicate creatures and do not always do as they are told! Sometimes they stop for no apparent reason. Finding the reason can take time and therefore it is important to check the work at every stage. We will update you on your clock’s progress .

Basic Clock Service.

A basic service consists of taking the clock mechanism out of its case and cleaning the excess oil off all accessible parts. All pivots are oiled and the clock is put on test for up to a week. If the clock is working reliably then it is refitted in its case and put on test again to check that it is working and keeping good time. No guarantee is given on a basic service.

Intermediate Service.

This consists of taking the mechanism apart, hand cleaning all excess oil off the parts. It  is then reassembled and put on test.

Full service.

  1. Take the clock mechanism out of its case
  2. Dismantle all parts
  3. Clean all parts in a specialist ultrasonic cleaning tank.
  4. Repair any damaged wheels or levers.
  5. Re polish all pivots.
  6. Re bush pivot holes where necessary.
  7. Fit new springs, if needed.
  8. Reassemble all parts.
  9. Put the mechanism on test for 1 week.
  10. Polish case.
  11. Put the mechanism back in the case and test for a further week to ensure the clock is keeping good time.

A 12 month guarantee is given on a full service. Within a 20 mile radius, pick up, delivery and set up are included in the price.

We also look after the case as well as the insides, it may look a little tired so we give it a clean and polish. We offer this for every clock whatever the level of service, at no extra charge.